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Developer Documentation

Are you a developer, designer or writer and want to help make VLC better? Then this is the right place for you to learn how to get started contributing to VLC.

Contribution areas

There are different areas where you can contribute, here you can find a quick overview of these.

Lua scripting

VLC can be extended with Lua scripts, Lua scripts can be used for service discovery, playlist, metadata fetcher or interface modules. Additionally it is possible to develop VLC extensions with it.

C/C++ modules

Most of VLC is written in C and some modules in C++, if you are familiar with those languages, check out this section for more information.


Even as non-coder, you can still contribute to VLC by helping with design for the VLC interface modules or the port of VLC. Alternatively you can help by writing or improving the documentation.

VLC Ports

VLC has ports for Android, iOS and WinRT, if you are familiar with any of those and want to contribute, this is the place to get started.

Web Developers

If you are a web developer you can contribute to improve the VLC Web interface or the VideoLAN Website.

Report bugs

If you found a possible bug in VLC or want to propose a new feature or enhancement, then check out our bug reporting guidelines.

Get started

Sounds interesting? The best way to get started is to first check out our introduction, as it contains a high-level overview of how to get in touch with other developers to coordinate, fetch the VLC source code and contribute your changes back.

Get started